Signmaking dictionary


Adjustment are final steps of the artwork installation (eg. Painting, sculpture) at the exhibition or gallery, adjustingthe frame (selection of suitable frame/material) on the base (selection of the correct height pedestal dimensions).The notion of adjustment is also used in presentation activities packaging/graphic designs (eg. Kappaboards).Adjustment is vital for flawless presentation that gives good first impression. For simpler implementation see.Point 6 / understoodas the adjustment of a simple graphic design or simple artistic design combined with asimple architectural design and a simple projection. These jobs are usually performed by practically educatedworkers or the general contractor of the final work.


architectural design

Architectural design solves a function and aesthetic of interior or exterior, while employing material, technical,technological and cost perspective. In case of work of art the adjustment is performed in cooperation with theauthor of the work.


graphic design

Graphic design is created in conjunction with customers demand for design and its use. (graphics, printing).



Engineering includes a variety of professional activities necessary for a successful outcome. Implementation ofthe work presents a number of professional, mostly administrative activities from preparation to completion ofconstruction (inspection, building approval). These operations are usually provided individually orcomprehensively by contractors. The person in charge of providing the engineering for the investor takes over thecoordination of these activities, including all responsibilities.



In English gateways,gate. Gate is a highlighted entry to the building, buildings, parts of buildings, shops androoms. Its main function is to guide the customer to the product with which portal combines visual concept (color,logo, brand), which is generally known from the media or is in customers subconsciousness. The customer isunmistakable led even from a greater distance to the entry visually different from others in the area.


project plans

The project is created on the basis of architectural design approved by the customer and has three basic phases.First, preprojectpreparation, develops architectural solutions and it is a starting point for all parties, both in termsof technical, technological and cost, as well as in terms of administration. The second phase of the project is usedfor plans submission to the administrative authorities to obtain the necessary permits, this project is produced incooperation with the person providing engineering services (eg. networks communicator and others) and isprimarily used to specify the requirements of the investor and handling paperwork. Finally, the third phase isproject plan for implementation. It specifies all specific solutions of the project, and on its basis is possibledetermine price and curry out work itself.


public furnishings

Public furnishings, such as: benches, bike racks, bins, shelters, message boards, signposts, etc .. can beenriched by use of advertising directly with permanent placement of advertising or replaceable application ofadvertising. The manufacturer of sign making may contribute to the artistic, architectural and technical solutions,or find other innovative solutions which are direct or indirect advertising supporting overall impression of thefurniture element.


art solutions

Art solutions usually suggests an artist who is professionally devoted to one of the main fields of fine arts, such aspainting, sculpture, architecture, photography and others. Art solutions main purpose is to communicate originalcontribution of the author, an effort to address the viewer, to give the viewer experience emotions that led to thecreation of the work.


securing permits and inspections

Basic projects that do not require full building permit, for example projects carried out on notification, need thenecessary permits from the administrative authorities which are provided by contractor and in case of electricalequipment, the contractor provides the initial electrician audit report. This activity falls under Engineering.